Using the Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Editor appears wherever you would enter text -- when composing e-mails, editing website pages, in the forum, or when adding description to an event. It allows you to spell check, link to events, files, websites, pages on your group and email addresses, insert google maps and pictures as well as edit fonts, colors, the HTML source code and include tables.


Copying & Pasting into the Editor

When you copy content from another source - like a another site or a document - a lot of invisible formatting is copied along with it. The Editor will then attempt to clean up that formatting, and the results may not always be as you expected.

For that reason, when pasting text from an outside source into the editor we recommend pasting directly into the Source code and formatting it using the Editor- just click on the Source button to do so.

We use the text editor to make it easy to add custom text to your site without any knowledge of HTML, however this is one drawback.