Using a Custom Domain

With a custom domain you can link people to rather than the address your GroupSpaces site is assigned by default.

To use a custom domain name, you need to register your preferred domain with a third party domain registrar (like Namecheap, GoDaddy or 1&1) and point it to your GroupSpaces site by following the instructions below.

Custom domains are not available to Free and Basic groups.*

Directing your custom domain to GroupSpaces


Under your Settings tab, click on the Use a custom domain name link, which will take you to the set-up page.


Add your domains in the text box on this page, without the preceding "www" and save your changes.

At this point you'll likely get an error message, because you still need to update your settings with your domain registrar (Namecheap, GoDaddy, NamesCo, etc). To do this, you'll need to log into your account with them.

Warning: Things get a little technical from here and different domain providers may use slightly different terminology. We have faith in you, but if you do get stuck, we recommend emailing your domain provider's support team for specific instructions on setting up an A Record with them.

Find the domain you want to use in your account and look for an option called something along the lines of DNS Settings, or *Manage DNS8, etc. You're looking for a page where you have the option to create A, CNAME and TXT records.


Create a new 'A' record for 'www' (if you want to use and configure it to point at the GroupSpaces IP address: You also need to create an 'A' record for '@' to use the domain without the preceding 'www' ( and an 'A' record for '' (an asterisk) if you wish to be able to use sub-domains such as Set these up in exactly the same way to point at ***. Make sure you save/update and you're done!

Your domain should become active soon. However this can take up to 72 hours, the exact time it will take depends on your particular domain registrar.