Customizing your Website

Click on the “Your Group Website” link in the top left-hand corner of your Management area to view your group's website.


You can easily customize everything from layout of the site to the colors used with no coding involved.

The Header Image, Colors, and Fonts

Click on the Website tab and then Theme from the left-hand menu to begin customizing your website.

From here you can upload a header image, as well as select a theme and color scheme.

If you know the exact colors and fonts you want to use, click on Custom Theme to get specific.


The Homepage Layout


Click on the Website tab and then Layout from the left-hand menu to add, remove, and rearrange the items on your website’s homepage.

Simply drag and drop items from under the Features heading to the Layout heading to add them to your homepage. From here you showcase any text, images, or content pulled from the Events, Forums, and Files areas of your site on your homepage.

The Edit Columns button at the top of the page allows you to add or remove columns.

Navigation Links

You can rearrange, add, and remove the tabs that appear in the navigation menu at the top of your website. Click on the Website tab and then Tabs from the left-hand menu to do so.

Screen_shot_2013-01-30_at_15.01.18.png You can use the Custom URL option to add a link to any web address you like, even third party sites.

If you’ve setup some Custom Pages already, you can add a link to it using the Page option.

Additional Pages

You can use custom pages to display any additional content you want on your website. To create a new page, click on the Website tab and then click the large green Create Page button above the left-hand menu. You can use the text editor to add anything from formatted text, to embedded content like maps, videos, tables and links to files which can be quickly downloaded.


Once the page is created, head to the Tabs section under the Website tab and use the Page box to add a link to your new page in your website’s navigation menu.