Adding a News & Announcements Feed

The News & Announcements page provides an automated feed of your mostly recently added events, newsletters, as well as an area to post any other general announcements.

The News & Announcements feed can be displayed on it’s own separate page, or as a section on your homepage.

Add a News Page

To add a News page to your site, click on the Website tab and then Tabs from the left-hand menu.

Posting News

To post a new announcement, click on the Post News Item option in the Pages section under the Website tab.

You can also bookmark the direct link for new announcements.


Events will automatically appear in your news feed in order of creation date. Their visibility in the feed will be determined by whether the event is private (visible only to logged-in members) or public.

Newsletters will also automatically appear in your news feed. Their visibility will depend on your Email Archive's visibility - which can edited in your Email Settings.

Reordering News Items

The News & Announcements feed was designed to be an automated feed of your groups most current "news," so the most recently add content will always appear at the top and can not be rearranged.

If you’d like a more configurable “News” section, we recommend using the Rich Text/HTML block on your homepage, or setting up a separate CUSTOM PAGE on your site where you showcase any information you want and format it however you like.