Organizing your Database with Member Lists

GroupSpaces allow you to organize your members into subgroups that we refer to as Member Lists. You can use Member Lists to restrict access to various areas of your website (including the forum, wiki, or even individual files). You can also use Member Lists to tailor your newsletters and email discussions according to your different member segments.

To create a list, select the names of the members you want to include from your Database, then click on the More Actions drop-down menu and select New List...


Automating Segmentation with Filters

Filters allow you to place members who meet certain specification into a list automatically. When editing a list’s settings, select a column to filter from and we’ll place members in the list based on what their entry “contains,” or doesn’t contain.


Restricting Access with Lists

You can use Member Lists to restrict access to certain pages on your website, and to give privileged members special access. Your wiki, files, forum, custom pages, and email archive can all be restricted to certain member lists.


Using Lists for Email Segmentation

Every Member List you create is assigned a unique email address that will take the form of You can use this address to send newsletters or start email discussions only with the members in a particular list.

You can also tailor the email settings for each Member List you create, so members of one list may participate in email discussions, while another list is used strictly for newsletters and can only be messaged by group managers.

To edit the email settings of a list, head to your Members tab and then click on Member Lists from the left-hand menu. Click on the Edit button to configure the email settings for an individual Email List.