Managers, Members, & Registered Members

There are three levels of “membership” in our system.


Managers are the only members that have access to the backend of your GroupSpaces site (found at[Your_Group_Name]/manage).

To make another member a manager, select their entry from your Member Database and from the More Actions drop-down menu, select Make Manager.

Each manager has full admin access, it is not possible to limit the the control individual managers have.

Registered members

A registered member not only appears in your database, they have created a login for your group by filling out your REGISTRATION FORM and verified their email address. Registered members can use PRIVATE pages of your group, post to the forum or log in to change their membership details without a direct link in an e-mail from the manager. All these things require a 'GroupSpaces Account'.

A registered account also allows the user to use the same login details to join any number of other GroupSpaces groups, and have them all accessible from their 'My Account' page.

Unregistered members

Unregistered members have been added to your database by a manager, but they haven’t created a login to access your group. This may be more than enough for many groups’ purposes - you can add unregistered members to lists, send them emails, and invite them to events - however, there are some scenarios that require a login. For instance, logins are required to access any page with members-only RESTRICTED ACCESS, to post to the FORUM, or to update their profile details without a direct link from an update request e-mail from the manager.

You can direct any unregistered members to your sign-up page(found at[Your_Group_Name]/join) to create a login.