Build a Member Database

The member database is a complete and up-to-date list of your group members 'contact details and any other important information you want to keep track of. It is also the key element of your GroupSpace, as every other action you take - whether it is sending a newsletter, creating an event, or collecting payments - will make use of your member database.

You can find your database by clicking on the Members tab from your top menu, and clicking on View Database from the left-hand menu.

Adding Members

To upload members from an existing file, head to the Members tab and click on the green + Add Members button. Click on the Upload a File icon to select a CSV file and import your member's information.

We have instructions on how to import members from a specific programs here.

Screen_shot_2013-01-30_at_15.25.26.png By default, we send a welcome message to each member you add. You can opt out by unchecking the “Welcome Email” option on the final confirmation screen whenever you add a new member.

You also have the option of inviting members rather than adding them. This is helpful if you want members to populate your database with their details themselves. Invitees will not appear in your database until they fill out your group’s REGISTRATION FORM and activate their account.

Signing Up Members

Members can sign up themselves up by filling out the registration questions on your site’s Sign Up page. You can also EMBED these questions as a form on other sites so people can sign up from anywhere you choose.


By default, anyone may sign up to join your group, but if you'd like to restrict membership you can require manager approval or limit sign ups to a specific domain( e.g., To edit those membership settings, click on the Settings in the top menu, then Members from the left-hand menu.

Adding Fields

Your database starts out pretty bare bones - we only need an email address to create a record for your members - but you can add as many additional fields to your database as needed.


Click the Members tab in your management dashboard, and then select Database fields from the left sidebar.

To add a new field (database column) simply click on the blue Add Column button at the bottom of the page and fill in the details. A new section should appear for each column.

You can use Who can see this column? settings to hide certain columns from your registration form. 'Include in members' public profiles' decides whether the answers to this question are displayed in public profiles accessible from the 'Members' tab and forum posts.