Sending Emails

Sending an Email from your Management Area

Click Compose E-mail from under the Emails tab on your management toolbar.


You can add additional sections to make your newsletter easier to read by clicking on the 'Add section' button. A table of contents will generate automatically with links to each section (which can be turned off by clicking the checkbox next to 'Generate table of contents').

Email statistics are provided for messages sent through your management area to Pro subscribers and above.

Sending an Email from your own Email Account

In addition to sending customized e-mail newsletters from your management area, you can also send e-mails to your members directly from your own email client, without ever needing to log in to GroupSpaces.

Just compose an email as you normally would and send it to the email address of the Member List(s) you want to contact. To email your entire group, the address is, to email a specific Member List, the address would be

Please note that we cannot provide statistics on emails sent from your own email client. We do not currently archive emails sent from your own email client, but this is coming soon!