Segmenting Emails with Member Lists

You can use Member Lists to send tailored emails to subgroups of your member database.

Emailing Your Entire Member Database

Every group is assigned a main email address which can be used to send emails to every member in your database. This email address takes the form of

You can edit the permissions for your group's main email address by clicking on Email Settings in the Settings area in your account.

Creating a New List

In order to email a select segment of your members, you must create a [Member List] ( for that segment. Select the names of the members you want to include from your Database, then click on the More Actions drop-down menu and select New List...

Every Member List will automatically be assigned a unique email address that will take the form of This address can be used to send emails to the entire list. Managers control who has permission to send emails to this address from the list's email settings

Email Permissions

Depending on how you configure the email settings for a given list, it can be used to send out newsletters and announcements, or to facilitate listserv-style email discussions amongst your members.


To edit the permissions for a specific member lists, click on the Customize access and reply permissions for member lists link below the permissions settings for your main group list.

You decide who can messages a list:
Only managers - only group managers can use this address to contact everyone on the list. Ideal if your list is used to send newsletters and official announcements. Members of the list - Ideal if you want to encourage members to start up discussions on their own. This option is not available for the main group list, as every member in your group is included in this list. All group members - Any member, even those not included on the list, can start a discussion with your list. **Anyone ** - Members and non-members can send a message to your list.

If someone attempts to email a list they don't have permission to message, they will receive an email informing them of of that, and advising them to contact the group manager if they need further information.

You can also control where replies to messages from your list go:
Replies are sent to the whole list Replies are sent to the author of the message **Default - inherit from the group **

Editing your List's Email Address

A Member List's email address is editable up until you send your first message. Once you've emailed the list, the address "locks" as a preventive measure. Otherwise, your members might try to reply to your previous email, and their email would be lost. To change a list's email address once you've already sent a message, we recommend creating an entirely new list with a new address.