Newsletters vs Email Discussions

You can use GroupSpaces to send two Newsletter and to facilitate ListServ-style Email Discussions. Here we outline the differences and offer recommendations for handling both.


Newsletters are a vehicle for one-way communication with your members, rather than a back and forth conversation.

Email Permissions

Newsletters will usually be composed by a manager of your group, so we recommend configuring the email settings of any Member Lists used for newsletters such that only mangers can email the list.

Customizing Newsletters

While technically, you can send newsletters from your own email account, we recommend using the Compose Email area in your GroupSpaces management area. Composing newsletters from your GroupSpaces management area will allow you to customize the design of your messages using templates.

If you have a Pro account or above, you can also track the open rates and click statistics of any newsletter sent from your management area.

Email Discussions

Email discussions allow for an open dialogue between members of a list, unlike newsletters, which are a one-way form of communication.

Email Permissions

To get members involved in a discussion, you must make sure you've configured the email settings for the list such that list members can actually send messages to the list.

Depending on who you want to open the discussion to, you can limit list contact to the individual list's members, or you can extend it to your entire group, or to anyone - even people who are not listed in your group's member database.

You'll also have to determine where you want replies to be directed. For completely transparent discussions, you'll want to select the Replies are sent to the whole list option.



We cannot provide open rate, click, etc statistics for email discussions.

Your Email Archive does not currently support email discussions, but that is coming soon!