Sending a Bill

Our Bills feature can be used to email a one-time payment request to member.

Sending a Bill

To send a member a bill, make sure you've linked your GroupSpaces account with the payment processor of your choice first.

If you've already selected a payment processor, head to the Payments area of your account, click on New Payment, and choose Bill. From here you'll be able to name and describe the bill and indicate which members should be billed. You can send a bill to the entire group, specific lists, or even to individual members.

The bill's recipients will receive an email with your bill's description and a link to a checkout page when they can pay their bill.

Tracking Bill Payments

To track payments, visit your Payments tab and select Bills from the left-hand menu. A Track Payments button appears below every bill.


To mark members as having paid offline, select their names from the Unpaid list and select the "Mark as Paid Offline" from the More Actions dropdown menu.

To export the list of payments to your computer, click on the Export option from the left-hand menu.

Bill Reminders

When creating your bill, you have the option to send automatic reminders. Selecting this option will send two reminder emails three days apart to any recipients who have not already paid.

After that, you can continue to send reminders yourself by linking to the public checkout page, which you can find by editing the bill and clicking on the green "view" button.

Deactivate a Bill


You can view deactivated bills by toggling to the Deactivated view .

If you deactivate a bill, the checkout link originally sent to the bill's recipients will no longer work, but the payment records will remain in your manager account for reference.

You can reactivate a bill at any time from your list of deactivated bills.