Event Tickets

You can also sell tickets to events in your group's calendar.

Before you can start selling event tickets, you must link your GroupSpaces account with your preferred payment processor.

Creating Tickets

You have the option of including tickets when creating an event, but you can also add tickets to an existing event at any time simply by editing the event.

Click on the Add Tickets button and a pop-up window will appear where you can specify the ticket description, price and number of tickets for sale. You can add as many tickets as you like, so it's possible to offer different pricing tiers.

Paying for Tickets Offline

While there is no official "pay offline" option for tickets, you can set a price of $0 for a ticket and title it something along the lines of Pay Offline or Pay by Check and those who plan to pay offline will still be able to "purchase" a ticket and will be included in your attendee list. It is your responsibility to check that they follow through with the offline payment.