Collecting Subscription Fees

Subscriptions allow you to bill members on a recurring basis.

Creating a Subscription

Before you can start selling subscriptions, you must link your GroupSpaces account with your preferred payment processor.

Once you've done so, head to your Payments tab, click on New Payment, and select Subscriptions and enter in your subscription's details.

Once your subscription has been setup and saved, you can add the subscriptions to your site. To add a subscription page link to your site's navigation menu, head to your Website section, click on Tabs, and drag the subscription box under your Current Tabs column before saving. This will link to a page listing all the subscriptions which you have available.

To feature specific subscriptions on your homepage, head to your Website section, click on Layout, and drag the Payment box under the Layout heading. You can pick which subscription you'd like to highlight from the drop-down list that appears.

Expiration & Renewals

You can pick an expiration date for your subscriptions. Once a subscriber reaches their expiration date, they will be moved back from the Paid to Not Paid list in your Track Payments section. After that point, they can return to the subscription page and sign up fresh. Please note that an expired subscription will not affect your members' status in your member database or member lists. If you have created lists to track subscriptions, you will have to manually update them anytime a subscription expires.

While subscriptions do not renew automatically, you can enable automatic renewal notifications, which provide subscribers with a unique link where they can renew their subscriptions before they expire. If a member chooses to ignore the renewal emails, their subscription will expire and they will be moved back from the Paid to Not Paid list in your Track Payments section.

Tracking Subscriptions in your Member Database

Subscriptions are not directly linked with your memberbase, which means you won't be able to check subscription details from your database unless you add a custom field in your database to track this information and update it manually whenever necessary. We do have a workaround for groups interested in restricting access to paid subscribers here.

Transaction Fees

GroupSpaces does not charge any fees for transactions on your site, but your payment processor likely will. You can add the cost of these fees to your subscription total, or leave it off and absorb the cost.