A wiki is a section of a website with any number of interlinked web pages, allowing content to be easily created, linked and edited by group members. Wikis can be a very powerful tool for working together. You can create a public or private Wiki to use as a committee intranet or shared workspace with group members.

Create a Wiki To start building a Wiki, add the Wiki to your site’s navigation menu by clicking on the Website tab and then selecting Tabs from the left-hand menu. Drag the Wiki box to the Current Tabs column and save your edits.

View your group website and click the Wiki' tab in your navigation bar to then edit the content of your wiki. It can be found at

Adding new Wiki pages

The URL structure of all wiki pages is:


Create new wiki pages by visiting the URL where you’d like the new page to appear. For example, to create a new wiki page that you want to entitle “Our History, ” you would enter into your browser’s address bar. Once there, you will be prompted to create the page.

Linking Between Wiki Pages

To link from one wiki page to another, type the title of the page you want to link to inside double square brackets on an existing page. For example typing [[mypage]] will create a link to the page

To edit the link’s text, add a veritcal bar after the page name, followed by your preferred text. For example, [[page-name|click here]] links to a wiki page with the URL, but the link text will be "click here".

To stop text in double square brackets becoming a link, put an exclamation mark before it, for example: ![[page-name]]

Magic Words

There are also two "magic words":

        **{{GROUPNAME}}** will be replaced by the group's name
        **{{GROUPURL}}** will be replaced by the group's URL

Again, you can force them not to expand by prefixing them with an exclamation mark, just like wiki-links: !{{GROUPNAME}} and !{{GROUPURL}}

Wiki Markup

If you’ve used other wikis in the past, you be accustomed to using wiki markup. We don’t support wiki markup(with the above exceptions) because it is unnecessary with our RICH TEXT EDITOR.