To setup your forum, click on Website from the left-hand menu under your Settings section. From here you can control the visibility of the forum, turn morderation on or off, and add or edit forum categories.


You can require that all posts be approved by a “moderator” before being posted in the forum. If this is turned on, all managers serve as moderators and will receive an email anytime a new post is made. Any of those manager can then login to approve the post.


You can make the forum public, group-only, manager-only, or even limit access to certain member lists. Your visibility settings in the forums are global, it is not possible to assign different visibility states to different categories or threads.

Regardless of the visibility settings, posting to the forums does require that members LOG IN first, which means they need to have a VERIFIED ACCOUNT to participate.


Before your members start to use the forum it is a good idea to set up some categories, to help organize discussions under different themes.

Click on the Edit forum categories link to set the titles and descriptions for your desired categories

This page also allows you to edit already existing categories, including changing their relative positions to each other using the up and down buttons.

Displaying the forums

To add a Forums link to your site’s navigation menu, head to your Website tab and then click on Tabs from the left-hand menu. Drag the Forums tab under the Current Tabs heading, save your changes, and you’re all set!


Any time a member creates a thread or replies to a post, they can opt in to receive notifications of replies by ticking notification check box.

When someones replies to their post, they will receive an email with a link to the forum thread, the reply and a link to disable any further notifications.

Currently, we don't have a way to be notified of new posts or replies that you have not previously subscribed to notifications for, nor can manager subscribe another member to forum notifications.