File Sharing

It’s possible to upload and share files with your group from your website. To do this edit your 'Files Settings' found under the 'Files' tab in your management area. From here you can also limit who can view and upload files from your site.

File Visibility

Managers can edit the visibility settings for files on both a global and individual basis.

To edit the global settings, click on the Files Settings link under your File tab.

To edit an individual file’s visibility click on the Edit link that appears each filename. A file’s individual visibility settings will override the global settings.


File Folders

You can also organize your files into folder. Click the + New Folder option in the left sidebar to create a folder. It is not currently possible to create sub-folders.

Member Uploads

If you allow non-manager members to upload, they will need to log into a registered account in order to do so. Once logged in, an Upload Files button will appear at the top of the Files page on your website.

Non-managers can delete any file that they have uploaded, but not files uploaded by others. The visibility of the files members upload are determined by the group’s global file settings, and only managers can edit the visibility.