You can use GroupSpaces to create, organize and promote events. We support RSVP tracking, the ability to sell and track event ticket sales as well as displaying your events in a calendar on your group and external websites.

Private Events

You can to mark events as private or public. Public events are visible to anyone who views the event calendar on your site. Private events are only visible to registered members of your group while they are logged into their accounts.

If you would like an event to be visible to the general public, but want to limit registration/RSVPs, you can check off the RSVP/Registration is invite-only box in your event's settings.

Registration Questions

Event registration questions allow you to collect relevant information from your members for an event - for example name, telephone number, dietary requirements etc. Ideally these should be added during the event creation process, but you can also add registration questions to existing events by clicking Edit event.

Allowing Members to Create Events

Available to Pro subscribers and above only

To allow members to add events to your group's calendar, head to the Settings area and click on Events.

Screen_shot_2013-02-07_at_15.10.43.png Once turned on, a +Create Event will appear at the top right-hand corner of the Event Calendar on your website. Please note that only logged-in, registered members will be able to add events to the calendar.