Special Pricing for Student Groups

Once upon a time, GroupSpaces was founded by students, and we recognize that student group often operate with limited funds. To encourage group activities on campuses across the world, we offer both a Free and reduced price Student Pro package.

The Free Student Package Includes:

-Up to 2000 members

-Up to 5 member lists

-Use of a custom domain name

-2.5GB of file storage

The $49.99/year Student Pro Package Includes:

-10,000 members

-50 member lists

-Use of a custom domain name

-Unlimited file storage

-Email statistics


To qualify for a free or discounted Student group your organization must:

-Be managed exclusively by full-time students at recognized academic institutions such as universities and colleges.

-Have full-time students at recognized academic institutions making up the majority of the group members.

-Not aim to make a profit through commercial activities.

Eligible groups will likely be officially registered societies, clubs or organisations at colleges or universities.

You are NOT eligible for the student package if your group:

-Aims to make a profit

-Is an incorporated company or charity

-Has an annual income/turnover/sponsorship of more than £3k / $5k / €3k

-Has any paid staff members, even if you are predominantly "chaired" or organised by full-time students.

All eligibility for student status remains at our discretion.

Signing Up

Confirming eligibility requires a GroupSpaces account with a verified e-mail address from a recognized university or college.

If your group is eligible you can sign up with your academic e-mail address. To confirm eligibility for an existing group, click here.

To sign up for the discounted Student Pro package, first sign up for a free Student package using your academic email address. Once setup with a free Student package, you can upgrade your existing group.