Handling Temporary Errors & Bounces

If e-mails fail to reach some of your members, they will show in the ‘Temporary Errors’ or ‘Bounces’ lists in the left handside on the ‘Members’ page. If they don't, it means we haven't received an error message back from the recipients' mail servers, which suggests it did get at least that far in it's attempt to reach your member's inbox, and therefore the problem is most likely at the recipients' end of the line.


Temporary Errors

Your members are placed in the ‘Temporary Errors’ list if the e-mails you have recently sent haven’t been delivered to their e-mail addresses. In this case, you need to check whether their e-mail addresses have been added correctly or contact the member to let them know that they aren’t receiving your e-mails. If a few of the future messages are also undelivered, the member will be placed in the ‘Bounces’ list.

You can always try and correct any of the e-mail addresses listed in temporary errors by clicking on their e-mail address and clicking the blue ‘Edit’ button at the top of your database. Once on the ‘Edit’ page you can also send your members a verification e-mail or delete their record entirely.

Members may not receive your e-mails due to a number of possible reasons:

  • Their mailbox is full

  • Their spam filter has rejected the e-mail for some reason (possibly due to an attachment or certain flagged keywords)

  • Their mailserver was temporarily down

  • Their mailserver has blocked incoming mails from groupspaces or your group's specific address.

  • The receiving mailserver doesn't allow messages sent from it's own domain (if you are sending from a company address to other company addresses, for example).

If you believe the e-mail addresses are correct and any of the above possibilities have been resolved, you can make a 'List' containing the temporary errors to re-send the most recent e-mail and try again.


None of your members who are in the ‘Bounces’ list receive the e-mails you send to your group, because attempts to send e-mails to their recorded address have failed a number of times (a 'bounce' is effectively a confirmed error). If your members have provided you with information in the custom database fields of your membership database, they will, however, still be counted as a member of a group. If they only have an e-mail address and no other information in your database, they will not be counted as a member of your group, and may be deleted after a period time.

Gmail Tests

Some group managers have reported gmail addresses don't receive e-mails from the group after sending test emails to their own address. Gmail deliberately filters out e-mails that appear to be coming from yourself, so if this is a possibility for why your messages weren't coming through, please try again with a different person's address when testing.