Personalizing Emails with Merge Tags

The custom fields that you add to your member database (Name, Address, Birthdays) all have corresponding Merge Tag.

What Are Merge Tags?

Merge Tags are powerful bits of code that you can paste into your emails to auto-populate them with personalized information. For example, you can address your newsletters recipients by name using a name field merge tag.


You can find all your available merge tags by visiting the following URL:


Replace YOURGROUPNAME in the above URL with the name of your actual group to view your group's tags.

Using Merge Tags

To use a merge tag, simply place the tag where you would like the content from the corresponding database field to appear in your email copy.

For example, if you've added a "nickname" column to your database and the corresponding mail merge tag is [__ COL_114573 __], then you could compose an email that begins:

Dear [__ COL_114573 __],

and the email sent to a member with a "nickname" entry of "Jack" would read:

Dear Jack,

while the very same email sent to a member with a "nickname" entry of "Liz" would read:

Dear Liz,

Potential Merge Tags Issues

Emails in your Email Archive will display the tag's code rather than any individual user's information.

If a user's field is blank in the database column that corresponds to a merge tag used, nothing will be displayed in the e-mail in that space.

Example: Dear ,