Email Archive

The Email Archive stores all emails sent through the management area of your group and can be made accessible to members on your website.

Archiving Emails on Your Site

To add the Email Archive to your public website, head to your Website area and click on Tabs*. Drag the **Email Archive box to your Current Tabs column and save to add an Archive link to your site's navigation menu.

Privacy Settings

To limit access to your email archive, head to your Settings srea and click on Emails to set archive privacy settings for emails sent to your entire group


By default emails sent to individual Member Lists do not show in the archive, but you can change this on a list-by-list basis. Head to your Settings area, click on Email Settings. Clicking the Customize e-mail archive for member lists link opens a window with checkboxes to enable or disable any of your member lists.

Archiving Email Discussions

The bad news? At present, email discussions are not be available to view online.

The good news? This is something we're currently working on and will be adding very soon.

The better news? Once this feature is available, all past email discussions will be included in the archive, not just discussions that occur once the feature is live.