Transaction Fees

There are no setup charges or hidden costs for using GroupSpaces to take payments, but you must be on a minimum of the Starter plan to transact on your GroupSpaces site.

Your payment provider (PayPal and Google Checkout are the current options) will likely charge you a card processing fee, however. That fee depends on the level you're transacting at and the type of account you have setup with them.

Including transaction fees in your prices

Whether you're selling tickets, subscriptions, or sending out bills, we offer the option of either absorbing the fee or adding it to the ticket or membership charge total, just like any other online booking fee. We calculate the fee for you based on your payment processor's current rates and display the amounts clearly.

A Note on Fee Calculations: It's possible that our calculations may not always perfectly match your feeds. We do not have access some vital details of your payment processor account - such as whether you need to convert currencies, what level you're transacting at, etc - so we use a formula that best applies to the majority of situations. For example, most of our members transact below $3,000.00 USD, so that is the bracket we go by when calculating PayPal fees. If you're transacting above that level, it might make more sense for you to opt out of having us affix the fees for you, and instead work the exact fees into your own pricing.