Changing a Group's Website URL or Email Address

Changing your URL

When you first create your group, we assign you a website URL which looks something like this:


While groups with a Starter package and above can always use a custom domain, we don't allow you to edit your website's base URL. We do this as a precautionary measure because changing your URL would break any links that pointed to the previous address, including any links sent out in welcome e-mails, e-mails sent to group members, and so on.

We can update your URL upon request as long as you're aware of the above.

Changes to your URL will also change email address for both your group and any member lists you've created within the group.

Changing Email Addresses

Your group's email address is determined by your group's website URL. In order to change it, you'd need to change the URL as described above.

You can edit the email address of individual member lists up until you've sent your first message to the list.

We don't allow you to edit the address once you've already emailed a list in case members attempt to reply to a message sent from the original address. If you want to change a list's address after this point, we recommend you delete the list, create a new, identical list, and give it the name and address you'd prefer.